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Our Team


Born in Beirut, Randa Garrana developed a love for the delicate art of storytelling at a young age. Having lived in multiple countries, she learned to see the world through a multicultural lens, examining the complex interwoven fibers of different cultures. As a woman, she longed to see powerful female-led stories that highlight the strength, complexity and inner beauty of women. Being a Physician and Surgeon made her particularly sensitive to the vulnerability as well as resilience of the human spirit. That motivated her to study the professional art of screenwriting to tell those incredible stories in the best possible way. As the world was seemingly falling apart, she decided that it was time to try and bring amazingly powerful yet entertaining stories to the screen for all to see. She co-founded VOXFILMS LLC. with her partner Chiara Miniconi in November of 2020.

Chiara Mia Miniconi is a French writer, director and producer. Raised in Paris, she moved to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her interests vary from international documentary storytelling to television writing and feature filmmaking. She believes that showcasing  new perspectives and new voices is the future of the Filmmaking industry and wants to help this school of thought spread into the European and American media industries. She became the Vice President and co-creator of VOXFILMS LLC. with Randa Garrana in November of 2020.

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